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2pcs Handmade Multicolored Parrot Indoor Birds Chew Toy with Hook - Bird Entertainment Tool with Star Chew for Parakeet/Budgie, Cockatiel, Finch, Lovebird, Monk Parakeet, Dove, Parrotlet, Sparrow

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Indulge your feathered friends with our Handmade Macaron-Colored Parrot Chew Toy Set, each unit comes with 2pcs! This vibrant and engaging toy offers a fun and stimulating experience for parrots, canaries, and other small birds.

Designed with a multicolored scheme, this toy will brighten up any birdcage, providing visual interest and excitement for your pets. The top features a sturdy hook that easily attaches to any cage, keeping the toy securely in place.

Beneath the hook, a star-shaped chew piece is specifically designed for your birds to gnaw on, keeping their beaks healthy and strong. Just below the star, an intricately carved carrot and corn design add even more interest and stimulation. These detailed veggie sculptures are sure to captivate your birds' attention.

Hanging below the carved designs is a chew ball and a jingling bell. The chew ball provides additional gnawing fun, while the bell adds a delightful tinkling sound that will captivate your birds and provide them with hours of entertainment.

With dimensions of 10CM wide and 20CM long, this toy is the perfect size for small to medium-sized birds (Parakeet/Budgie, Cockatiel, Finch, Lovebird, Monk Parakeet, Dove, Parrotlet, Sparrow). The combination of the star-shaped chew, carved veggie designs, chew ball, and jingling bell offers a variety of textures, shapes, and sounds for your birds to explore and enjoy.

This toy is suitable for all occasions, making it a great gift for bird owners who appreciate the value of providing their pets with toys that promote both physical and mental health. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or just a regular weekday, this chew toy will provide hours of entertainment and stimulation for your birds.

So, if you're looking for a fun and engaging way to keep your feathered friends occupied and happy, look no further than our Handmade Macaron-Colored Parrot Chew Toy. Order yours now and let the fun and excitement begin!

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