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Crochet Bouquet with Lotus Flower, Fireflies, and Giant White Rose - Princess Frog Gift for Home Decor, Weddings, Green Ray

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Inspired by the Princess and the Frog's breathtaking Louisiana setting, this handcrafted masterpiece offers two stunning options to choose from.

Version 1: Crochet Bouquet with Lotus Flower and Crocheted Firefly
The focal point of this version is a gracefully crocheted lotus flower, its intricate petals and center capturing the essence of the bayou's lush aquatic life. Hovering above the lotus is a whimsical crocheted firefly

Version 2: Crochet Bouquet with Giant Lotus and 8 White Roses with Crocheted Firefly
The second version features a meticulously crocheted giant lotus flower, its expansive petals and striking center commanding attention. Surrounding the lotus are eight beautifully crafted white roses, their delicate petals and lush foliage adding depth and texture to the arrangement. Hovering above the bouquet is a whimsical crocheted firefly.

Both bouquets are not only stunning works of art but also versatile home decor pieces. Display them on a mantel, side table, or wedding reception, and let them transport you to the mystical world of Princess Tiana. The neutral color palette and natural elements make them a perfect fit for a variety of spaces, from modern farmhouse to boho-chic.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these crochet bouquets are true labors of love. Their high-quality construction ensures they will be cherished keepsakes for years to come. Whether you're a fan of the film, a lover of nature-inspired decor, or simply seeking a unique and captivating addition to your home, these bouquets are sure to delight.

Bring the magic into your space with these exquisite crochet bouquets. Order yours today and experience the enchantment of the bayou in your own home.

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