Crochet Emotional Support Pickle, Supportive Poo, Cheerful Lemon, & Chicken Nugget Plushie with Personalized Greeting Cards - Customizable Handcrafted Thoughtful Birthday Get Well Recovery Surgery Down the Hill Stress Relief Nursing Social Worker Gifts

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desk companion

It's great desk companion! stay positive XOXO


So soft and cute! I have it with me with my roadtrip!

Jenni Ivers
Super cute!

Great quality! I love it!!

Dina Marie
Just buy

Súper soft and adorable. Shipping and packaging were fast and well done. If thinking about purchasing don’t hesitate!


Great product

Introducing our adorable collection of handcrafted crochet plushies that are not just decorative accents but also emotional support companions for your home. Each plushie is carefully crafted to bring a smile to your face and a touch of whimsy to your living spaces.

Our Emotional Support Pickle is a cute and cuddly companion that offers a sense of comfort and solace. Whether you're feeling down or just need a little pick-me-up, this pickle is sure to make you feel better.

The Supportive Poo is a funny and charming addition to our collection. Its cute design and cheerful demeanor will bring a smile to your face and remind you that you're never alone.

The Cheerful Lemon is a bright and cheery character that brings a sense of happiness and positivity to any space. Its vibrant color and upbeat attitude are sure to lighten your mood and brighten your day.

Lastly, our Nugget is a tiny and adorable figure that adds a touch of cuteness to any décor. Its compact size and charming design make it a great choice for small spaces or as a travel companion.

What makes these plushies even more special is the customizable greeting card attached to each one. You can personalize the card with your own message, making them perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any other special occasion. Whether you're looking for a unique gift for a loved one or a special keepsake for yourself, our handcrafted crochet dolls are the perfect choice.

These are not just ornaments; they are symbols of comfort, support, happiness, and cuteness. They are perfect for any festival or event that calls for a bit of joy and warmth. Whether it's a birthday party, a housewarming celebration, or just a cozy evening at home, our handcrafted crochet dolls will add a special touch to the occasion.

So, why wait? Embrace the joy and charm of our handcrafted crochet plushies and let them bring a sense of happiness and comfort to your life. Order now and make every moment even more special!

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